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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Edwards Affair

Well, well, well. I guess John Edwards is just human. But I have to say, I am extremely disappointed.

And this comes from a gal who could care less about Monica Lewis and the infamous blow job.

I felt the same way when Clinton was running for President the first round, and he and Hilary did the 20/20 special (or whatever news-sensationalism-program) about whether he and Gennifer Flowers had an affair...and Hilary was like: 'don't vote for him if you think he did' or something like that. And the entire time I thought, it's none of your business...

And for the most part, that is how I feel still. Whatever YOU may think, you hypocritical bastard or bitch, I care not...a man and his affairs have nothing to do with his politics. It is something he and his wife/significant other has to deal with and IT'S NOT OUR BUSINESS. And it shouldn't be our business but the fucking media MAKES it our business as though it is OUR RIGHT. You are an idiot if you believe you have the right to know about who is doing who.

Off my soapbox and on to Edwards...

So despite how I feel, I am greatly, greatly disappointed that Edwards is "one of those guys".

I think it's just so "common" to have an affair. You just take yourself out of the honorable list.

I had a vision of what I thought of Edwards...different than any other politician...different than any other man...and other father...any other husband. Devotion to his family...having an affair breaks that rule.

It doesn't break any of his other rules: fighting for the lower middle class but it sure the hell knocks the wind out of those (dare I speak for them?) who believed him to be an indelible, human-for-the-greater-good human being...ala Randy Pausch?

I'm sad and heartbroken. In my mind, his political career is over.

And, as with all men who have affairs, why? Your lust is _that_ uncontrollable, that you give up a series of 15 minute interludes to shame your name? I just don't get it.

Maybe I need to have that superlust for another man to figure out how powerful a feeling it must be...


  1. just another reason why the human race is doomed... Really, why do all the news outlets feel like they have to sensationalize everything and take the moral highground with everything they report on. Can't they just report the freakin news without worrying about their ratings and how much they can charge for their commercials?

  2. You sound like Tim. I can't stand the sensationalism but I also feel let down. My own hypocrisy.

    Which includes the fact that *I* would make a great mistress because I would tell NO ONE. :-)