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Monday, August 18, 2008

Eat Concrete

When I first moved to Raleigh, I didn't know what Goodberry's was. Well, I thought it was an ice cream place, but everyone was like "ooooohhhh....not _ice cream_ but frozen custard! it is soooooooo much better than ice cream!"

Well, quite honestly, I wasn't sure what that meant...and "frozen custard" didn't sound as appealing as "fudge brownie ice cream" from Baskin Robbins (which, sadly, no longer offers it in the store).

But one day, Tim and I ventured to the closest Goodberry and decided to find out what all of this meant.

Unfortunately, there was no instructions. So as I walked up to the window, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I think I asked for chocolate ice cream.

Several times later, I heard someone in front of me order butter pecan. I like butter pecan so I thought that sounded cool so I ordered the same: "Butter Pecan please!" I say happily satisfied that I knew what I was talking about. The custard-order-taker then asked "Do you want that as a concrete or a sundae?"

Huh? Did she say "concrete"? What does that have to do with ice cream, um, I mean, custard?

I didn't get it. I didn't get it for quite awhile. I never understood why, when handing me my *frozen custard*, they tipped it over.

Whatever. The ice cream is good.

But finally, it all clicked...well almost. I thought: is it because it's like the consistency of wet concrete? And I asked a seasoned Goodberry patron friend if that was the case, to which I remember that asinine tone, as though I am a total idiot for not knowing, that yes, a concrete from Goodberry's is simply mixing stuff in to make the custard flavor of your choice...ala 'carolina concrete'.

And while I love goodberry's and manage to take all my out of town guests for some concretes, I don't find it that much different than ice cream. In fact, the "Chocolate Devotion" creation from Cold Stone Creamery is much more rich than any ice cream/custard I've ever had.

But it doesn't take away from my favorite concrete at Goodberry's: Chocolate with banana and heath bar.

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