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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The hubbub over China's decision to use a "plant" in place of the young Yang Peiyi, the cute girl who actually _sang_ is, well, odd.

Not odd because they did such a thing...well, that is odd, but more odd at the Westerners (i.e. USA) reaction to it.

Thank the media for jumping ALL OVER THIS as a news story...but as unfortunate it is that China chose to do this, I can't help but think -- it's "our" fault.

"They", the Chinese, felt the need to find some one beautiful enough to represent their country. Why? Hmmm...could it be all of the beauty we advertise in our own right? I am being strictly 'armchair' in my assessment, but who else in the world advertises beauty as much as Americans do?

Thin. Tall. Blonde. Dark. Beautiful. Every single advertisement for _anything_ is based on define by those first five words in this paragraph.

We the people of America perpetrate it. Sadly. We do nothing to change the ideology of this persona. We bitch and moan "it's not fair", "that's not what the average woman looks like" but nothing dramatic is ever done to change that and then we get hot and bothered when a country, like China, uses that notion.

It's sad. It's sad that we have perpetuated this image and that a country has to amend its glorious world moment to "show well" among other countries. It is extremely apparent that this ideology has infiltrated its way as the common 'look and feel' of beauty.

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