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Saturday, August 23, 2008


As I ran my first two miles, of an eleven mile run, my mind wandered to my phobia posts. It seemed that I am fearful of everything. So I tried to think of things that I wasn't afraid of.

I started with small things:
cats - now that I'm a kitty owner, I shouldn't be afraid of them. The truth is: I don't really enjoy other people's animals...just my own. It's not that I don't enjoy them or like them, but inside, I think they could bite me. So I just don't try too hard.

which then reminded me of horses. I am afraid of those too. Have you seen these things close-up? They're big. And years ago, I tried to get over my fear by taking horse riding lessons. That was a hoot. Not for me but for anyone watching...

And perhaps one day I'll add video to youtube, where CJ had a pony ride. Just walking beside a pony freaked the hell out of me.

So I thought about inanimate objects, like, um, a watch! Yes, I'm not afraid of those. But then again...the battery seems to drain relatively fast on me, so then I wonder if I have some super-kinetic power that absorbs battery. While that doesn't mean I am afraid of them, it does show that I think too much about watches and super-kinetic powers I may have.

People? Um, anyone that really knows me will know that people, even friends, are all out to kill me.

Riding bikes? I love riding bikes! As long as I don't ride any where near dogs. I got chased by dogs on my bike in the Philippines. I fell off and at the last minute, the dogs were called off. Otherwise, they would have mauled me to death. True story. And I don't exaggerate.

Food? I LOVE food!!! But don't try to give me something and pretend it's something else just to see if I'll like what you gave me. Like squirrel. You like squirrel. I don't know if I like squirrel and I don't want to know. I'm happy living my life without ever eating squirrel. Don't tell me I'm eating chicken just to 'pull one over'. It won't be funny. I'll hate you for it.

I love running! I'm not afraid of running! Except at Shelley Lake, since the day my car got broken into. And during races. I'm afraid of running during a race. I mean, I'll do it, but it scares me. I don't know why. The technical term is "anxiety" but I know what fear feels like.

Cockroaches...oops, no. I'm scared of those.

I know: the dark -- if *I* turned the lights out.

Going into empty rooms or closets. As long as it's not _after_ watching scary movies.

House noises. That's what they are: house noises.

I think I can come up with more. I just can't believe I have to think about it so hard to figure out what I'm _not_ afraid of...

Oh yeah, the reason I thought of these phobias was because I stepped over a dead field mouse, hoping it was just a big ugly leaf.

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