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Thursday, July 10, 2008

When Helms Was At The Helm

As a resident of North Carolina -- and Raleigh -- I am fully aware of Jesse Helm's legacy in this state. Since his death, the local media has been abuzz, outlining his personality with tongue-in-cheek endearments. A tale about his racist past is almost whispered, or put in a by-line, again, with a sense of adoration that 'that's just how he was'.

But I didn't like what this man stood for. I was embarrassed and angry that I lived in a state that supported this man...and proudly.

I voted for Harvey Gantt twice. During the first election, after Gantt lost, I recall the somber morning, meeting with my co-workers and friends who really thought that Gantt could pull it off. We believed that we really do not live with people who are back-asswards and would support a fucking racist.

Sadly we were wrong and he lasted much longer than we ever thought he could.

So I ignored the media coverage on his death. I cared nothing about his funeral other than "Glad I won't be in that god-awful traffic jam".

But I finally ran across someone who felt the same way as I did and wrote about it. And he didn't happen to be a local writer (which reminds me, I'll have to see if our local columnist, Barry Saunders, had anything to say about ole' Helms).

And on top of that, I found this article from the News & Observer (Raleigh paper): Whether you agree he was right or wrong, it just shows that for those of us that did not respect Helms, well, we are passionate about that sentiment.

May racism rest in peace.

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