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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Theft Update Part Two

I received a voice mail message today from blah-blah-blah with the Raleigh Police Department. He mentioned how some property had been found that he believed belonged to me.

We played phone tag as apparently one has to call the 555-5555 number and state who you want to talk to. I, of course, only remembered "blah-blah-blah", but fortunately, the officer who answered remembered my situation and told me I wanted Officer Fry.

But I was in class today so when officer Fry promptly returned my call, I was unavailable.

I called back after class and got the same dude that answered the first time. I asked for "Sargent Fry" and the dude was like, we have an *officer* Fry. Well, well, well!

And yet again, I leave another message.

Officer Fry finally catches me and we agree to meet in about 20 minutes at the blah-blah-blah station. I thought it was a gas station or something. He gave me the address and my wonderful GPS took me to the _police_ station!

I noticed stuff atop a police car. And Officer Frey (I noticed the spelling) had me sign over for my driver's license, my Northwest Airline card, and all of my credit cards. I also got my purse, with an empty wallet, and all the stuff in the purse, including my phone (broken in half), were still inside.

When I saw the phone was broken, I said to Officer Frey "They broke my phone in half!" and he was like "Yup", as though this is what thieves do. Really? Break phones in half????

Anyway, the sarge was cool and the purse and its belongings, FILTHY. Apparently, a homeless man was paid by a gas station, approximately six miles away from the scene of the crime, found my stuff along with another person.

We still hope the thief or thieves used the chapstick in there. CJ said again "I used it for my nose and I think I got snot on it!"

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