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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So We Went for a Walk

Yesterday, CJ, Mi-Mi and I took our wonderful fat dog Brenna for a walk.

First, right around the corner from our house is the tree that has branches that forms an arch over the sidewalk. It is my favorite sight in the Spring, Summer and Fall. The girls call it the "tunnel":

But the funny thing was this: it was extremely humid (as anyone in the Raleigh area can relate to). I had run in the morning and was just drenched, so I was, shall I say, 'use to it'?

My girls, apparently, were not. As we walked back, for whatever reason, CJ says "Oh my god! Mommy! My armpits are sweaty! Feel them!"

I scrunched up my face and was like "I don't want to feel your armpits!" She pleaded a few more times and I refused. She asked to feel mine...what??? I don't think so!

She asked Mi-Mi and Mi-Mi was like "OK!" So they felt each other's armpits as though it was the most amazing thing that could ever happen.

I'm not sure if Mi-Mi has the glands ready for sweat, but it was cute, and gross, nonetheless.

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