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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Problem With Self-Serve Mattress Delivery

As I got onto I40 to head towards the Zoo, there was a traffic jam caused by an accident.

The accident? A semi-truck that ran over a mattress. Unfortunately, I didn't recognize it was a mattress until I had passed it with little time to break out a camera to take a picture. I did, however, catch the other half of the mattress and its culprit:

Very lucky that no one was hurt, IMO. I remember a few years ago, when a woman was killed on I440, on the overpass by Wade Avenue, when she attempted to get a mattress that fell from her car/truck. I found it so tragic...still do...and over a stupid mattress.

And although I take these pictures because I think they are funny, it is somewhat stupid. To see any vehicle, even as small as a freaking Yugo, toting a mattress. Hey, Tim and I have driven with a mattress, so we are not immune, but it just seems so ODD...

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