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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Left Foot

A few months ago, the ball of my left foot, under toes three and four, started aching. Aching is being too light to describe the pain. It changes the way I walk -- even in regular shoes. Running tends to exacerbate the pain.

The running shoes I have are my favorite, but according to the sports store experts, it is not designed for my foot. But these shoes, Adidas' Climacools, help my hot feet stay less hot. This is my third pair of climacools and my feet have endured thus far.

Of course, I have almost always have some sort of foot pain. I have those wonderful runner's feet -- aches and pains throughout. I have Morton's Toe (when I mentioned this to Tim, he told me to give it back) and bunions (small) on both feet. So I won't be a foot model anytime in my lifetime.

But the pain under the ball of my foot has been new. I haven't had this before. And I haven't done anything about it until my coach scoffed at my favorite brand of shoe being 'air-conditioning for my hot feet'.

I have an orthotic that was designed for my gnarly feet back when I got Morton's Toe. And I haven't worn them very much since I received them, oh, about, I don't know, three years ago...?

So I told Coach B that I'd put the orthotics in my Climacools.

I've run with that in my shoes for about two weeks. And now, the pain at the ball of my foot is a little bit better but still there...but NOW, I have pain at the ball of my heel of my left foot. And on top of that, the fleshy space between the side of my ankle to the side of the bottom of my foot (on the left side of the left ankle) is swollen. It has stayed swollen and sore for about a week or so.

It's always something and my hope is that my foot is trying to adjust with the orthotic and that it will go away.

I had a massage today and the massage therapist said that my whole left side is "off". It's "tight" and not even with my right side. This is all massage lingo talk that I don't entirely get other than it's obvious that I am accommodating for my left foot and it's throwing my whole gait off.

I know I'll have to see someone...yet again. Physical therapy seems to be part of my livelihood. I get done with one pain and find myself dealing with another.

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