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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

With Mi-Mi, she is full of delightful things. I sent a tweet the other day, where, out of the blue, she was playing a game on the computer and became frustrated with it and yelled "Oy Vey!" I use that term but it's been awhile, so she pulled that one out from the back of her memory. Very cute.

Last night, we were watching the Pillsbury Bake-Off on Food Network. CJ is really into these food competitions, mainly the cake and sugar thingies-type I was surprised that she wanted to watch this one. I was trying to read but I got into it too and at the end, when the winners were being announced, Mi-Mi said: "If I was there and they didn't call my name, I would go up to them, punch them in the face and tell them I won."

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