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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Irony

I just stopped at, the local news site that I frequent and noticed that Cary ranks 16th in 'best small cities to live'.

But the reason why I had gone to, this late in the evening, was to see if any news came about in regard to the missing jogger...a woman from Cary who went missing Saturday morning, after going for a jog.

Naturally, this hits close to home because, well, I run and 2) she's local...I can't help but appreciate an empathetic bond for her.

And as most of us expected...especially, a mother of two young children...why she has been missing for nearly three days...a body has been found near the area that she was missing (just can't catch a break with these horrors...a small/big miracle of letting her actually be alive???? always the same sad damn story)...

Cary 'best small city to live in'...I don't think there are any left.

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