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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Immigration Sucks

I realize that no matter how much faith I have in humanity, there's always someone somewhere to destroy it.

Granted, my thoughts on humanity differ from many others, especially with Republicans and conservatives.

I get the News & Observer for the weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unless news items shows up on, I don't really know what's been happening during the week. So this past weekend, I read the Letters to the Editor section about an illegal immigrant mother, who was arrested on the spot, in the middle of the night, on I85, with three children. There is dispute as to whether the deputy verified that the acquaintance with her was an appropriate person to leave her children with...but the end result is that the three children, ages 14, 10 and 6, were left alone on the side of I-85 in the middle of the night. The deputy and the acquaintance abandoned them, as they cried for their mother and called their father (who they were on their way to) who had to come from Maryland to pick them up.

The Letter to the Editor was un-freaking-believable: she commended the deputy for pulling an immigrant off the road *and* that it is the fault of the mom for being an illegal immigrant and having children.

I'm sorry. I can't help to think what a racist this stupid writer is and I'm going to go ahead and stereotype the bitch: some 40-something year old redneck bitty, arch-fucking republican who thinks Bush is actually doing some good in this world, and goes to church every Wednesday and Sunday, and pats herself on the back for being a good Christian. I have no love lost for these people and my fear is that they are prevalent.

But thankfully, in the bowels of the newspaper...maybe even on a website...I can't recall where I found it but it was a mere glimpse, I see the headlines "Iowans to Congressman: Stop Immigration Raids". There is hope that there are people who see humanity despite the stupidity of our laws.

I am probably so die-hard bleeding heart liberal when it comes to immigrants. I don't think we do enough to make a compromise with illegal immigrants. I believe in the American Dream for all. And I follow the stereotype of immigrants: they work harder than most Americans...and it's those howlies that are complaining about the immigrants.
Sheriff's deputy takes illegal immigrant and leaves kids with an acquaintance, who leaves the scene. Kids are left alone on I85.

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An immigration raid that arrested nearly 400 people in northeastern Iowa scarred a small town and tore families apart, residents said Saturday. immigration raid iowa

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