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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If Only I Wasn't Married...

This has been circulating all over the net...apparently I wasn't in the know and heard about this through my favorite podcast < everyone! >Keith and the Girl< /everyone!>.

First, I heard it play on episode "Be A Man". I recommend you listen to that particular podcast and listen to Keith and Chemda's play-by-play. Although, quite honestly, in doesn't need a play-by-play, as this whole recording speaks for itself...but Keith and Chemda just throw in their glibs, which for me, makes it even more funny.

They mention that there are youtube videos, reenacting these two recordings, so I am going to include them here, for your viewing pleasure.

Just to give some sort of idea of where these recordings come from: Dimitri meets Olga (true dat!) on the street. Olga gives Dimitri her business card, and thus, 'romance' ensues. These are real voicemail messages from Dimitri to Olga. And how it's legal for her to release them, I have no idea but these are priceless:

Dimitri's first voicemail message to Olga, as reenacted by Eric Anderson:

And his follow-up, the second voicemail message to Olga, again, reenacted by Eric Anderson:

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