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Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Week: Day One

I am off this week to hang out with my beautiful bebes. Tim flew out early this A.M. to Las Vegas, to hang out with his brother Philip for his 40th birthday week celebration.

The day came off to an odd start. We wanted to go paint pottery so I thought we would go back to Amazing Glaze, which was located in City Market.

When I got there, first and foremost, I parallel parked the minivan. And I did it PERFECT. See!

I was so happy about my parking skill that I thought I passed by the place, only to find that it no longer existed. When did that happen?

We passed by a nice lady with her daughter and I asked what happened to the place and she couldn't even remember the last time it was here. But fortunately, she knew a place in our neck of the woods and handed me a business card (an extra that she just happened to have) and we decided to head over to Marbles Museum first.

I parked on the fifth level of the parking garage, across from Marbles. We took the elevator down and I thought something might be amiss when I saw two women with their brood walking _back_ to their car, after passing them as they walked toward the museum. Sure enough -- once we got to the museum, we noticed that the place is closed on Mondays.

Mi-Mi and CJ were not too happy about that and started throwing out kid epithets out: they stink! I'm going to kick their butt! Mi-Mi had the best with "They stink even if they're clean!"

So I thought we would try Morehead Planetarium...but before going all the way out to Chapel Hill, I was going to see if they were open. So I called and found out that the exhibits are open but not any of the shows. What does that mean, I ask, and he said that the dome section is not open until tomorrow. Well hell, what is the point of being open if you can't see anything that defines what a planetarium is?

This first day of fun-filled-action-packed vacation was not working out to well.

It was raining so the zoo was out, or any kind of outdoor activity. But on the way back toward the other pottery place, we decided to see if the Science Museum was open. I again 'parallel-parked' in front of the museum -- which was basically pulling up, then reversing into a metered spot -- and we went to see if it was open.

YAY! It was...and we entered the building passing a homeless man nothing in particular.

Oh, I failed to mention that this was the second strangest person we came upon today. The first was at Marbles, when a "marshmallow man" waved and high-fived CJ as we dumbly walked to the closed museum. We have no idea what he was advertising as he never handed us any of the flyers he was holding and I'm not aware of any "marshmallow man" mascots for anything in the area...

Back to the Science Museum...

The place is fine. Nothing amazing but not too boring. But there is a whole half floor dedicated to duck decoys. I found that extremely red-neckish and wondered what NC was lacking so much that we would dedicate half of the first floor to duck decoys!

Next stop was the paint pottery place. Well, in this case, it is paint plaster. We picked a few things out and had a blast painting them:
My gargoyle:

CJ's blue monster:

Mi-Mi's candy:

We hit a local Italian place for great food then I needed to stop at Kroger's for some headache medicine -- for me and Mi-Mi. As we walked in, the third strangest fellow we met said to me "It's my birthday today" and I said "Happy Birthday". What in the world is going on today? And why me? In fact, as we left the place, the guy took my hand to shake it...happy birthday weirdo!

We then hit the theater and caught Hellboy II, which was not so bad. Tim has a different idea, I'm sure, as what to this movie is about...but it isn't about that. It's based on a comic book series and Hellboy is bad-ass.

We made it back home for a little R&R before we ended the evening with a comfy meal from Red Lobster (CJ's request).

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