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Monday, July 28, 2008

Final Words on Randy Pausch

I, like so many other people across this world, was so moved by Randy Pausch's last lecture and then some. One can say all they want about inspiring words that make us go "Yeah!" -- but he took it a step further and lived it.

At least, that's what I believe. I read his blog and he knew he didn't have any time left but he sopped each day up as much as he could.

And even though I found him so inspiring, I find myself not living his words. I don't live as though my days are numbered...and they are! It's the one truth we know -- we will die.

And yet I still worry about things that aren't worth worrying about. I care about things that mean nothing. I get angry at the little things. I do nothing when there's something to do. Or I do something when nothing should be done!

But I still live a life as an immortal. And when I heard of Pausch's death and read about what he had done with the last year-plus of his life, I think: what the hell am I doing? Do I need a disease with a known death sentence to shake me into dealing with life as I should?

I will -- and have -- actively think about what I want accomplished before the day is done. That's the only way I can plan for my future -- one day at a time.

Here is Wall Street Journalist, Jeffrey Zaslow's obituary on Pausch's passing. Zaslow helped write "The Last Lecture" with Pausch.
Prof Aimed 'Last Lecture' At His Children, Inspired MillionsIn his final months, while millions of people were watching his inspirational last lecture, Randy Pausch was at home in Virginia with his wife and three young children.After Randy's death, Jai, said, "Randy was so happy and proud that the lecture and book inspired parents to revisit their priorities, their relationships with their children."

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