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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fear Itself

If you haven't seen an episode of this, well, either you're lucky or unlucky.

I love, love, love scary stuff. I watched those scary TV shows when I was a kid: Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, One Step Beyond, Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock...later, Tales from the Crypt and American Gothic (more of a series, but excellent), X-Files and Millenium.

I noticed that a show titled "Fear Itself" was coming out with a 13 episode series over the summer. I immediately added it to my DVR queue and when we finally watched the first episode, I was shocked.

That mf-ing episode was downright SCARY. And pretty gory for television. And I'm watching this with my kids, thinking it was going to be some kind of 'little bit o'scary" show. Tim and I looked at each other with our mouths agape and our eye wide.

And we have been hooked ever since. Not all are gory but they are definitely scary and most have a very Hitchcock twist.

Each episode is directed by a different director: John Landis, Stuart Gordon, Brad Anderson, etc. The one last night, "The Eater", was by far the scariest, most titillating and goriest we've seen. Well, Mi-Mi didn't get to see it and I tried to block her ears from it -- her choice "Cover my ears! Cover my ears!" I wanted to cover my eyes and ears too but it was just too damn good to watch...

Fear Itself still has some episodes left. Thursday nights on NBC at 10PM. The theme song is the bomb: Serj Tankian's "Lies Lies Lies", better known from one of my fave bands, System of a Down.

Actually, the opening credits is pretty freaky...take a look:

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