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Sunday, July 27, 2008

And Introducing...


This is the newest member to our family. Although this cute kitty will be ours to take care of, this kitty belongs to CJ.

CJ is the one who asked for one. She had been inspired by her best friends, O&V (twins), who have cats and dogs...but had gone to a local petstore to show CJ how they help take care of the cats there.

She told Tim all about it once she got home and surprisingly, Tim told her (and e-mailed me) that she would have to wait until mommy (AKA me) got home to have a family talk about it.

This REALLY surprised me as Tim has been, not only anti-cat, but absolutely no more pets in the home!! For me, all I need is a slight opening in the door and I'm sold.

We had the family discussion. I had some really good information from $Bill about kitty care and explained what he had told me. We also explained that she can't shirk her responsibilities to Brenna (the dog) and that what would be happening is that she would have _more_ responsibilities. We covered a lot of information and she handled our monologues very well.

So today was the day we would go to the petstores and see what they had. We went to PetSmart and lo and behold, it was Cat-Adopt-A-Thon. Cats everywhere! And dogs too...I thought Tim was going to walk out with a dog...and a parakeet. It didn't happen...but I think we were THISCLOSE to having three new pets today.

CJ picked up a few cat items: food/water bowl, toys, and more toys. Everything but a cat. It seems, and I know that there is good reasoning behind it, that one can no longer go to a petstore and take home a pet. We can see and touch any of them, but we would have to go home and fill out an application on-line and then wait for them to get in touch with us.

THIS IS GOOD. I realize that. Not everyone is like us -- where we would be provide a great home. So CJ had a kitty in mind and one plan was to go ahead and put our application in.

But Tim mentioned the SPCA or Wake County Shelters, which again, we were interested in but it's Sunday, they would not be open (come to find out, Wake County Animal Shelter IS open). And he also mentioned the newspaper.

But in this day and age, no one really advertises in the classifieds within the paper. So where did I go to search for free kittens? Craigslist!

And I found them. Four to choose from from a nice lady in Creedmoor. Tim thought it was too far but after calling several other folks and not getting through, I piled the girls into the car and off we went to Creedmoor, which actually, was only 19 miles away.

The nice cat lady introduced us to all four cute kittens, as well as the mama cat, who was also very beautiful. These kitties are young -- six weeks old! But they were ready to go and we had the pick of the litter, who turned out to be this beautiful, big, fluffy, orange-striped kitty. CJ named her Sunkist and she's been doting over her since she got her.

This kitty is sooooo cute. It's sooooo tiny and fluffy and soft. The first time she meowed, CJ cried (literally) tears of joy. She said it was the sweetest sound she has ever heard.

And Tim is tickled pink too. We all are. There's nothing so wonderful than having another pet but especially, seeing your child have HER OWN. I know when I was a kid, I wanted pets and felt like a queen when I got one. This is a moment I shall not forget.

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