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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Is Wrong With Me?

How does one (me) write a post about a White Trash Revival, then turns around and becomes 'afraid' to cancel a hair appointment? WTF is wrong with me?

After our trip to Amsterdam, I decided to try a different stylist. So I made my appointment, had my hair trimmed one day, then colored the next day.

The hair cut was AMAZING. Okay. Maybe not the haircut itself, but the way it was styled. I couldn't believe how amazing it looked.

The color was fine. But it took FIVE HOURS to do it. And when it was done -- which means, after the color was rinsed out -- they were done with me.

My color appointment apparently did not include DRYING MY HAIR after rinsing the color out. Literally, I was sitting up by the rinse basin and the guy who did my hair told the rinsing girl "i don't have her down for a dry".

What? I have to walk out of here with a wet head? What good is my color if I can't see what it looks like when it's dry? I was totally flabbergasted because, well, this guy is NOT CHEAP. In fact, he is well above what I would even consider paying for a leather full-length coat, designer shoes, jewelry, or even an old car...let alone MY FUCKING HAIR!

But I tried to accept it. Don't ask me why. I was trying to buy into the whole "you pay for good hair". Whatever the fuck that means.

I did get my hair dry that day, but by someone else. Up until that point, I had a good experience although, after paying for it, I don't know if I would have left thinking that way.

I had booked another appointment to retouch my hair. At the time, I hadn't absorbed all that had happened and was still relishing the good experience aspect.

But as the weeks passed and I thought about the appointment, and my upcoming one, I thought: you know, I don't think I should go back. I just can't afford him. I don't WANT to afford him.

But I felt like I was being rash and I should give him another chance. Maybe touch-ups would be cheaper.

But a week or so ago I thought, Nope, I'm not going back. I'll have to start with someone new. I don't want to go back to this pricey guy and I just can't go back to the girl that did my hair before...I can't face dissing her.

So everyday, I looked at the phone number for his salon and dreaded calling to cancel. Why? I don't know!! I just felt a huge knot in my tummy thinking about telling them "cancel my appointment".

In fact, on Friday, I answered a call to remind me of my appointment on Wednesday. For days, my to-do list included "Cancel Hair Appt." And now I had my opportunity: I had a salon rep on the phone and when she reminded me of my time and date, I replied with "Thank you!" and hung up.

WTF is wrong with me?

I recited stories in my head: um, I will be out of town; I'm in class; or even worse, I blank and have nothing to say.

I dialed yesterday (Monday) and the phone rang and rang and then I saw they were closed on Mondays, so I hung up and didn't try to leave a message. Worse, I actually thought the guy would be there and answer it and I just couldn't face him. I knew, if he answered on any day I called, I was going to hang up.

And the whole time I am chastising myself for being an idiot. It's MY MONEY. It's MY HAIR. It's MY CHOICE. And yet, I am concerned about THEIR reaction. They don't even remember who the hell I am!!!

But I finally did it today... exactly ONE DAY BEFORE the appointment. Also known as, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO CANCEL NOW. I ran out of days to blow off. It was cancel, or become a no-show (which brings one bad karma, IMO) or pay out of my ass for another hair do.

And they didn't question me, other than "would you like to reschedule?" And pat me on the back, I did NOT reschedule...:-)

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