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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ToMAYtoe, toMAHtoh

Thank you, media, for a job well done.

Scaring the shit out of people who only listen to you and now, our tomato farmers have no business.

< applaud > KUDOS FOR YOUR PULITZER PRIZE WINNING REPORTING! < /applaud > And yet again, with our shitty economy -- rising gas prices, slow real estate market, and rising food prices -- we can see even MORE people suffer in this depression (NOT A RECESSION).

And thank you, baa baa baaAmerica, for being stupid enough to not think for yourself and ban tomatoes from your diet.

I refuse to let the media tell me how to vote, who they want me to believe is guilty, let alone WHAT TO EAT. If I could have, I would have walked out of the Harris Teeter today with a cart full of tomatoes. Anything I can do to help those farmers out.

I dared -- and lived (so far) -- to eat a TOMATO RAW and you know what? It tasted SO GOOD. So good, that by golly, I'm having more tomorrow.

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