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Thursday, June 26, 2008

To Pact Or Not To Pact

I just saw the headline that the principal, from that Massachusetts high school with 17 pregnant teens, is defending his comments regarding his use of the word "pact", in relation to this surge of pregnancies.

WTF? Who gives a shit whether he used the word "pact" or not? Hello? There were SEVENTEEN FREAKING PREGNANCIES in ONE HIGH SCHOOL at nearly the same time. Why the hell are we focused on what the principal said? Who freaking cares?

Call me silly, but I don't know, shouldn't the bigger question be WHY THERE ARE 17 GIRLS -- at one school -- PREGNANT?

What ignoramus is steering this media hijacking of this subject matter? Whoever you are, the lot of you, YOU ARE MORONS. Leave the principal alone. We need to now what the fuck these girls are doing, missing, whatever, to end up in this situation.

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