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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Sour Cream Incident

Today after my fantastic track workout (I rocked!), I was stretching and an old acquaintance passed by me. I gave an eager 'hi! how've you been?!' to which she replied 'pretty good'. I was expecting her to then ask me about my beautiful daughters, to which is often what she asks me about.

Nope, instead I was blindsided by her recounting of the sour cream incident: 'I was just telling my friend about the sour cream...'

I could feel my face fall and I thought to myself, I haven't seen you in ages and you bring that story up? Is that something you really want to greet me with?

So I guess, I will recount my story of "The Sour Cream Incident".

Many moons ago, I often had lunch with a friend of mine, Vikram. On one particular day, we headed off to one of our work cafes and stood in line for grub.

As I waited my turn, I suddenly felt something hit me on the top of my head. I looked around and saw several people, including the aforementioned acquaintance, with their mouths agape. They looked as though something horrific had just happened and were frozen with panic.

But not my friend Vikram, who was standing next to me, looking atop of my head, laughing uncontrollably.

I reach atop my head, feel slime, look at my hand, and I have a handful of white stuff.


I look around and see a small case of sour cream splattered across the floor -- who knew those little things held so much?

I looked up at the second floor eating area and saw a woman with a similar horrified look, staring straight down at me and mouthing "I am so sorry".

So there I am, with all eyes on me, with a big blob of sour cream on top of my head. How does one play that off? Do I curtsy? Do I bow and tell everyone "Thank you! Thank you! I'm here all week!"

In my mind, I think "Why does this kind of odd shit always, ALWAYS happen to me??" Really, why can't I be the one with their mouth agape vs. the victim of some cruel, humiliating prank by ?

I had no help. The 'others' stared in stunned silence and Vikram is cackling, about to pee in his pants. I then sternly tell him "Help me clean my head!!" and he finds napkins to HAND TO ME to clean my own head, as if I were suddenly a leper.

I managed to keep my dignity and walked confidently to the bathroom, wiped my head with a watered-down-paper-towels, then walked back out, grabbed a lunch, and sat down with Vikram, who was still crying uncontrollably from laughter.

And while I do think it was funny, I just feel it would have been so much funnier had it happened to someone other than me. I mean, the tresses victimized by the sour cream were rock hard stiff for the rest of the day. I can only imagine what I must have looked like from behind.

So the exact statement by my acquaintance this morning was "I was just telling someone about the time that sour cream landed on your head! It was so funny! But I guess, not for you."

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  1. Cind, too funny...but of course not to you. Well at least it wasn't bird poop. I've gotten a shot of that not once, but twice in my life. It doesn't get any less embarrassing the second time around.