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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Seven Miles

I twittered that I ran seven miles with Keith, Chemda and BroLo. This would be the latest podcast from Keith and the Girl. I can't do without them during my runs. Music doesn't do it for me anymore. I need to hear their chatter. Sure - there are times where I tune out because I'm concentrating on my run, but today, they were with me all the way. I even heard myself answering their questions out loud...

I guess that is why next week is a recovery week for me...because I have just felt sluggish. I didn't think I did too much that would tire my legs out, but in retrospect, I'm sure I did: ran a 5K pretty fast (for me), but all in all, six miles total (with the 5K); somehow, I thought it would be a great idea to do a step class the next day; and then two rigorous wallyball games during the week...then there was back to the core, which didn't mess with my legs so much as it did with my arms. So I guess that's why running my seven today felt a little sluggish on my legs. Everything else felt fine.

The humidity didn't bother me too bad. I started around 9 at Umstead. It was a lot more hilly than I wanted for my tired legs. I noticed the big flies kamikaze-ing into my head.

The bug thing was pretty funny. I noticed these things hitting me but at some point, a girl running asked if I had any bug spray -- in desperation, as though she were searching for water in the desert. I told her "I'm sorry I don't" but I thought, is she delusional? I was in the middle of the park, with nothing but my clothes and my water bottles...where the heck am I going to put the bug spray?

And then suddenly, it started to look like a Easter procession: runners passing me with switches -- small leaved branches -- swatting their backs to and fro, like I used to see with those religious rituals during Lent.

I didn't resort to that. I managed to run slow enough that these suckers didn't bug me too much (pun intended).

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