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Friday, June 13, 2008

My New Tattoo: Session 15

Wow. Fifteen sessions already. And it certainly does not feel like I just got this started yesterday.

Today Kat worked on a few of the clouds and darkened the existing clouds. So work was done on the upper part of my back *and* the lower part of my back. I won't lie (and I haven't thus far): OUCH. Very painful.

But what made this session special was talking to Kat about her personal life. We had a good chat about stuff going on in her life, which I enjoyed listening to. The icing on the cake was less time having that needle scratch my back.

And I talked with others in the shop: Jason was telling me how excited he was that Kat was working on a tattoo (or tattoos, depending on how one looks at it...for instance, am I 'just one' tattoo?) for him and that she had him down on the books for September (that's how long she's booked for thus far).

I asked him what she was going to do for him and he was getting both calves, from the knees to the ankle, done. Ouchie...but cool. He mentioned having two helmets on his knees... And BTW, it's probably the only place on his body (besides his face) that is cleared for tattooing.

Then Rachael came into the inking session and we talked about the work Kat would be doing on her starting in July. She was getting a full sleeve done on her right arm. I asked if she was excited, because Jason was, and she kind of said "eh...I'll be happy when it's two years later and it's done". My sentiment exactly -- I loved hearing it from someone else.

And William will be getting some work from Kat over the summer...everyone in the shop except Nathan and well, Kat herself. Kat mentioned how she felt really privileged that they all wanted her to work on them. That's cool she feels that way but I think we (the recipients) feel more privileged.

I tell you, I feel pretty darn lucky to have gotten into her book as quickly as I did but man, oh man, I am ready to be done.

The pain yesterday was so bad that I had a hard time driving home. Not just because it hurt like hell to lay my back against the seat but I felt SO SLEEPY. There were a few times that I zoned out -- I did not nod off -- but it's that zoned out feeling that you could almost just lay your head down and sleep. I made it home but next time, I think I need to pull over and do something to wake myself up. It was pretty nerve-wracking for me.

And what happened when I got home? I zonked out for a good two hours. I think my pain just depleted everything in me.

But all that said, here is what everything looks like so far. You can see the new parts by the redness (look at the clouds):

When I go back in two weeks, it will be new sections to be drawn...

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