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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Locker Room Stories

Some odd things seem to occur while in the locker room.

Today, while I was recovering from my run in this death heat, I was attempting to 'cool down' know, drenched in sweat, feel as though I'm going to drop dead, just a miserable looking sight. I'm downing a gatorade and some girl squeals "WHAT AN AMAZING TATTOO!" I turned 180 degrees, and when I did, the girl's face did not quite match the excitement in her voice. Her face looked...stunned? Confused? I said 'thank you; I appreciate it!' and decided that she must have seen the tiger first then saw the back covered and was thrown off.

Then, another woman walks in and comments to the fact that it looks like I must have been running outside (I looked like I was standing UNDER a shower in real-time). A friend of her's comes in and they talk about their exercise regiment. The slightly overweight woman comments that she's there to do cardio -- she's trying to get back into a routine.

She then undresses, wraps a towel around her and heads off to the scale. About three minutes later, I finally head to the shower and usually, I like to weigh myself before jumping into the shower. But 'cardio woman' was STILL on the scale. A full three minutes! Still standing on that scale. She was very still as I passed her, as though she was willing the numbers to go down.

So I say to myself "yeah, i know how that feels...wanting those numbers to be different" and how I'll be able to weigh myself afterwards.

The shower is not far from the scale, so another five-plus minutes and I can hear 'cardio woman' still on the scale!! I can hear the metal sound of getting off, then on the scale. I thought: okay, I must be hearing lockers and it just sounds like it's the scale. Because it was a constant sounds of someone shifting on the scale, moving the weight on the scale, or getting off then back on.

I was incredulous. I wanted to jump out of the shower and see for myself that this woman was indeed STILL ON THE DAMN SCALE...and why? How much more will the number change?

Then I could hear her talk to her friend: "The scales not balanced!"

Yeah, that's what I like to say to myself most days after I see my weight...and I only need to be on there for about 10 seconds to figure out it's "broke".

Last but not least, an acquaintance first ignores me as I primp to leave; she primps to get started. She returns -- again, only wrapped in a towel (did she just workout? I thought she was going to work out) and instead of saying "Hi! Haven't seen you in awhile!" she comes up to me, into my personal space, and whispers "Can you believe how bad this place is?" indicating, what I assumed, was a mess of a locker room.

And it's not _that_ bad. Sure, water is trekked around but that's why I have flip-flops. And well, the showers get clogged with hair but overall, it's not that bad.

But still, she closes in, as though she's being bugged: "It was better when we had the other locker room". The "other" locker room would be the locker room that now houses only men in the original building. That particular locker room hasn't been a woman's locker room in, what, nine years?

This went on for a little bit: her whispers to me about the demise of our locker room...but I'm thinking: shouldn't she have moved past that by now?

I finally made it back to my car and got the hell out of dodge. I don't think this will be the end...just a new set of characters.

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