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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is He Trying To Lose?

Well, I'll give it to John McCain for not playing the 'politically correct' card, but really, he is making some pretty controversial choices right before election time.

Granted, he was never getting my vote -- so it doesn't matter to me that he's digging himself into a pit.

But recent news: McCain wants to lift the ban on offshore drilling.

I am not a die-hard environmentalist. I'm apparently quite ignorant as I suggested "corn" be the way to go (for ethanol) and for those who know more about the corn industry, it's as if I said "OJ is not guilty". Apparently, going corn is a controversial fuel alternative that leads me to believe that they believe offshore drilling is a better. I'm still trying to educate myself on this because, logically, it just doesn't make sense...and yes, I have read stuff on this and I still don't get it.

But back to oil: for the most part, we as a nation, are disgruntled about our dependence on oil. (Now, I'll try to speak for me, instead of we) so, I want to know what my alternatives are. I don't want to continue down this path of gas prices high or low and I certainly know, as a not-die-hard-environmentalist, that drilling for oil is NOT the way to go.

Maybe I'm out of line to say this but I think that most people might feel the same way.

The bigger item that I think could affect his campaign negatively is the thumbs down he gave to expanding the GI Bill. WHAT???!!!

One of his comments was that we needed non-commissioned officers (NCO - which I can proudly state was my hubby and mi papa) in the military. In other words, once you provide an education, you could lose your NCOs.

First, I agree that the NCOs are the foundation of the military -- did I mention that I am the daughter of a retired Chief Master Sergeant of 28 years in the Air Force, Vietnam Veteran? And I am married to an ex-NCO, who served in Desert Shield *and* Desert Storm *and* was forced to re-enlist during our time of war. And I am damn proud of them...officers tend to be like white collar people who think they're better than anyone the douche bag.

But to deny expansion of education funds to them, ridiculous. Or at least, tell us what your plan is (apparently, there is one).

Um, the military NCOs make very little money. A lot of folks sign-on to _get_ an education due to the GI Bill. I'm not sure how much has changed with the GI Bill over the years, but with any thing related to the government, it is probably in need of good rehaul.

I am just surprised that he would say anything of the sort while campaigning. Sure, you want to do these things: wait until your president and do what you want to do, like his mentor, dubya.

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