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Monday, June 09, 2008

Granny Panties

Us ladies, we all have them. Those Granny Panties.

You know, the big ones that are comfy...holds a pad well during those, well, "special" times.

Okay, maybe I'm only speaking for ME but I have several pair. I wear these when I go night-night, or when I don't think it will be noticed.

But alas, I have one pair that always gets me. My big blue pair that hug me just the way I like.

These are from Victoria Secret, so they're not big, cotton briefs that make me feel, um, unappealing, but they aren't pretty with low-riding pants...because spectators of said Victoria Secret sexy underwear cannot see how sexy this pair can be...they just see big blue Granny Panties.

And these particular pair were apparently made before every clothing manufacturer decided to make pants and shorts hit at the hip line.

I "forgot" to change out of these comfy blue undies last year at -- of all places -- a freaking NINE INCH NAILS concert. I think I'm cool, with my cool black capris that make me look casually hip...sat on the lawn (of Walnut Creek) for at least an hour before I stretched back, my hands caressing my back and "bam", I feel my underwear, which in this day and age, feels as though it's reaching up by my bra.

GREAT -- everyone behind me now knows how uncool I am AND that I'm too stupid to care that my undies are there for the world to see. Looking back, I could have been mistaken for those stupid men at the Buffett concert that think it's cool for your underwear to hang out.

That was not my intention...I have special thongs for said occasions.

And then today...I do it again.

I wore a dress today, so I felt relatively safe making a conscious choice to wear my granny panties. Sure, I don't like panty lines even in dresses, but this time, it was relatively loose around the hips, hence, hiding any panty lines no matter what undies I I chose my big blue Victoria Secret ones.

All was good today, until THE VERY END, at the cool down portion, of my Step class (45 minutes long) and again, my hands come down and BAM! there are my big granny panties for the world to see. My shorts hit right at the hips; the undies hit to the upper-lower portion of my back, and my tank hits the upper-upper portion of my back. I was doing my groovy step moves -- feeling cocky and overly confident about myself -- with my granny panties just hanging out for the world to see.

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