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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Good Day

I'm not a morning person. I _want_ to be a morning person but the problem for me is that I *am* a night person. So my night person likes to stay up late and thus, doesn't want me to get up early to be the morning person.

But since the weather has been warm in the afternoon, and I usually have something conflicting in the afternoon, I have been running in the mornings. It's not easy getting up because of that damn night owl, but somehow, my morning person is fighting to come out.

My morning runs are usually at Lake Lynn. And today I ran and saw at least two familiar faces from my previous runs last week. There are some regulars out there.

What is superbly nice about running there in the morning is that it feels like there is just a select group of us out there. It _feels_ like it's early morning - before the day really begins - and there are a few of us who are taking advantage of the peacefulness of the lake before it's attacked by the non-morning people.

For the past two weeks, every morning I meet a rabbit or two. Today, I saw three.

Also for the past two weeks, there are ducks who set at the same spot, in the middle of the trail, every time I run. I remember this because initially, I fear that they will chase me down and peck at me. So far, so good.

Today was especially cool, not because of the three rabbits on the way over but because I saw one guy yelling across part of a 'piece' of the lake. I thought he was yelling at his wife to come over to where he was, you know, leaving her behind because she was too damn slow to keep up with him...but instead, as I ran across the bridge, I saw a dog (looked like a yellow lab), deep in the water, holding a kong-like toy in its mouth, swimming over to the yelling-guy.

That, by far, was the most adorable thing I saw and made my run even better (which I needed, as it was a hard run for me). I smiled and passed a woman who was looking at the dog and smiling. To see something like that, well, you just can't help BUT smile!

As I made my second loop around the lake, I passed the yelling-guy with his best bud beside him, happiest dog in the world -- drenched and panting like crazy -- but if dogs can smile, that dog had one of the best.

I turned around to run back and again, I passed the yelling-guy and his trusty companion. The yelling guy was at the top of the path that parallels Lynn Road. He was motioning and yelling "to the right" and by golly, I looked down and saw the happiest-dog-in-the-world going right. The kong-thing was thrown into the rough that hits before the water and that dog was going to find it...and by indicating "left" or "right", it's yelling-guy master was providing the right clues.

Amazing. Again, that made me feel good. My run, after it was done, made me feel good. But most of all - the morning people of Lake Lynn: runners, walkers, yellers, dogs, ducks and rabbits, all made me feel good.

What a way to start off a day. I give thanks to my morning person for getting me out there...

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  1. I'm soooo jealous, I used to love running around that lake when I lived over there, and I had some good names for some of the regulars, but I can't remember them anymore... Keep it up, you'll be a morning person before you know it :-). You can get more "free of kids" time and more stuff done in the morning after coffee or a run to wake you up then at night when you are stressed out and tired from work. At least that is my experience :-)