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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bad Run

So today was a not-so-great run day.

I started around 10 AM at Umstead. I was pretty psyched for it but once I started, well, here comes a stitch. I thought I could outrun the stitch but it was really bad from the get-go. So barely three five minutes into my run, I had to stop to walk; the stitch was extremely painful. It wasn't those kind of stitches that you can belly breath was the 'uh-oh, this is not going away' kind of stitch.

I had a seven mile run planned and starting out this way was not good.

I tried belly-breathing (during my walk), inhaling and exhaling big breaths, 'changing' my pace, etc. I would try to jog and I would feel the pain immediately. I did this a couple of times during the first mile and it was just I decided, screw it! just walk a bit.

At the two mile mark, I couldn't feel the stitch as bad as the initial run, so I started to run. The pain was vague, but it was there. I kept my abs tight and just hoped for the best. And at about 2.5 miles in, no pain. The stitch was gone.

How does that happen? To go from crippling pain that one thinks will stay with you for the rest of the day to, well, zero pain. Go figure.

So my plan was: run 4 miles out so that I don't have to run UP half mile hill at the end of my long run. My positive outlook was that my run would be up and up and up for the first half and the last half would be down, down, down.

But my body could only take so much of the up, up. I did great with the first 100 hills but at 101, my body was like "okay, this is getting ridiculous". At that point, I thought: well, I don't want to do _any_ uphills at the end, let me get it done now' and went 4.25 miles out before I turned back.

The heat was killing me. I had to really pressure myself to stop at the water fountain (after the 4.25 mile turn-around) and soak my feet with water and re-fill my piddly ass water bottles. I took a good two minute walk before I FORCED myself to start running.

I kept moving and didn't stop but as soon as my watch hit five miles, I was done.

But my calculation was WAY OFF, to say the least. It ended up that I was still 1.5 miles away from my car, so I walked a mile and then ran-walked the last half just to get to my freaking car.

As it felt last week, today was one of the longest runs ever. I know now -- my fault. I need to run as soon as I get up. 10 AM was just TOO LATE to get out there and endure the humidity.

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