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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yes, Frances, I Do Have Feelings

Saturday was a baby shower for a long-time friend. I was pretty excited about seeing her, as she has lived in Memphis, TN for the past two years, I think...and well, she's having a baby! I've known this girl since 1995 and well, she wasn't totally _interested_ in having kids. I think I was pretty outspoken about not having kids, but she was just kind of like, eh, whatever.

So when I received an e-mail a few months back that she was expecting, I about fainted. I know my mouth dropped and stayed that way...I think even today, when I think about it.

So she was "in town" for a baby shower. Her family live in Morehead City and she just has a bundle of friends still in the area, so I was excited that she was in town, for all of us to see.

Gravel RoadThe baby shower was at one of her good friend's house in New Hill. It wasn't even 30 miles away, so not far. The road the house address was at ended up being a gravel road. It was beautiful and I was sick that I left my camera at home (so I had to resort to the ole camera phone).

As I drove down this road, I passed by a picture-perfect woman on a horse, coming the other way in the field next to the gravel road. It was something like you would see in Life magazine - just serene and beautiful.

Pasture with View of the Back PorchDrivewayI arrive at the house, which sets nicely on several green acres of land. Its road was also gravel-y,with a beautiful barn and beautiful green pastures.

BarnPastureMost of the activity took place on the back porches: one is screened, where all the food was (and there was a lot) and the other spot was the covered and roomy porch.

When I first walked in, I walked into a room full of "who are yous". I didn't know anyone. Then I saw my friend's mom, who used to work at the same place that I (and friend) worked at. I greeted her and asked where her daughter was. Immediately, my friend walked in, beautiful with her baby belly, and what did I do?

I cried. I gave her a big hug and it felt like I had really missed her, without even realizing I did. I had no plans of crying or even acting anything other than really happy to see her and yet, I shed some tears involuntarily. It was surprisingly emotional for me and I guess I just have some deep emotional bond for my friend.

But she did look lovely and just seeing her, and knowing the struggles she's had, how she put aside stability and security for a dream, and now, carrying a baby that we both thought wouldn't happen (well, not just us two...), it was really a beautiful thing.

And I'm glad that I can be around to see it happen...

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