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Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love my nav system in my car. I got it for Mother's Day, or maybe my birthday, last year. It's part of my satellite system, which I also love...if only I can listen to it more often. Usually, I'm listening to the ear-splitting, ill-singing, teeny-boppers on the Disney Channel.

What I do for my Princess Diva.

But the nav system comes in handy. Although, it is a literal device.

So yesterday, to head out to Monkey Joe's, I mapped the address into the system.

There is one slight problem, which is, I haven't updated it since I got it. You'd think with satellite, it could do it automatically, but hey! I'm not a hardware genius.

So the new route in Cary, to Walnut Street, which is where Monkey Joe's is located, is not 'really' in the system. But, if it gets me in the general area, I can navigate from there.

But yesterday, as I approached the new exit to Walnut Street, my nav system had me on Cary Parkway. So my dilemma was: do I turn left or right? My nav system was not helping I took a guess and turned right.

It takes a few seconds for the system to figure out where its at and it refreshes to let you know which way to go. So as I waited for it to do that, right after I turned right, I heard it tell me "You have arrived at your destination".

What? Where? I see a gas station!

Fortunately, I assumed correctly that my destination must be the shopping center _across_ from the gas station.

So it can only get you so far, and then you are on your own...but for the most part, it gets me where I need to be.

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