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Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Week's Runs...

I had a decent week of running events.

Monday, I did my first set of strides...intended strides. I ran 100m at a nearby track in about :22 secs each (four of them). I thought "not bad...these are pretty fun and 'easy', relative to running fast for a short pace. The next day...boy, did my adductors and abductors hurt. Now I know why I have these included in my training plan.

Wednesday was a 5K 'race' at my workplace, to help promote National Health and Fitness Day. I've done this 5K before and well, it isn't an easy course. This year, the course was changed and even though it was difficult too, the older course is prettier.

My goal was to do at least one mile at 8:45. I didn't think that would be too much of a problem, although, not easy either. But I was up for the challenge and fortunately, I had help: $Bill was going to pace me. He was a reluctant pacer, as I guess I have a reputation for getting pissy while racing. :-)

And it's somewhat true, although I generally get pissy with the strangers around me vs. friends. But there is a case (or two or three) where I have gotten pissed off at my running buddies...but hey, that's not what this post is about...

It's about how I was FORTUNATE enough to have someone on my side, who could pace me, since $Bill has gotten much faster the past year and a half.

And he did push me because he was pounding the pavement at a much quicker pace than I anticipated and I knew he wasn't going to push me to go faster than 8:45. So my thought was that, well, I guess that pace is going to be harder than I thought! Wasn't there a time that I could do 8:45 without much complaint? I mean, complaints abound...but not as much as I was thinking on Wednesday...

But the course is not a friendly one. Very loopy hills.

It felt like EVERYONE passed us in the beginning, which was a descent. I knew they were silly because most of my running crowd knows this particular course VERY WELL. It is the bane of my courses throughout work. I have had to psych myself so many times to prepare for this part of the course...and during race time, I don't want to even bother, since I have so much disdain.

And well, in the end, it did work out that me and $Bill passed quite a few (although not all) of the folks who passed us in the beginning.

The last mile did get me below oomph was dwindling but I had enough to finish running.

Friday is my wallyball day. I love this game. It is the most fun I have had in a sport in forever. I have a great partner for my mixed doubles league, Carlos. I look forward to these days and this past Friday...Carlos stood me up. :-( Not on purpose...damn work meeting got in the way. So we had to forfeit our game but I feel relatively confident we'll make up for it in the end. ;-)

So I needed a workout...WANTED to work out because wallyball is extremely rigorous...what else could I do? I noticed a step aerobics class right at a time I was there, so I decided to do that.

Well, the smiling-aerobics-teacher-from-hell taught it (it's a compliment...she is HARD no matter what class she teaches and while you are dying, barely able to move, just kind of swinging slightly to appear to be moving, she is still giddy, be-bopping around in full mode). It was an awesome workout. One of the hardest I've ever done since, well, a hard track workout. I could barely walk back to my car to get back to work...

So Saturday comes along and I think, I have only a four mile run today. No problem. Walk to the nearby lake, run four miles, then probably have enough to walk back home (enough distance).

I did it and I did it in a decent amount of time (~10 mn mile) but man, oh man, my legs...MY LEGS...did I run a marathon? What the hell? Oh, it's the damn step aerobics...on top of my recovering legs from those damn hills on Wednesday. I was punishing my legs!! But oh, who cares. I burned some calories and I made my head get bigger with the thought that "Man, I am kick ass."

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  1. Don't be silly, I was happy to pace you. I thought you did great at the race and finished strong. I agree with Tim, you do hold yourself back sometimes, but I also think you need to let the training you just started kick in before really pushing your boundries. Keep on doing what you are doing :-)