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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Roland Garros

This is my favorite time of the year. This is really when it all starts for me: The French Open. Then, Wimbledon and we wrap up summer with the US Open.

Quite honestly, I usually miss the French Open. But not this year...I am prepared. My non-HDTV DVR is recording whatever ESPN2 shows (my HDTV DVR quickly runs out of there's no way I can grab 5+hours worth of tennis on that thing). Of course, when I can, I will be watching "live".

I LOVE tennis. There is absolutely no other televised sport that I can watch and get that excited about. I have always watched tennis. I still recall being a very young middle-schooler living in the Philippines, setting on my mom & dad's bed, watching reruns of past tournaments with: John McEnroe and my favorite, Tracy Austin.

I have played tennis, although not as feverishly as I play wallyball (the best game ever). One day, when I can absolutely make the time, I will get lessons. I love the game -- it was my fitness class in college -- and I would like to have more time to play it. I'm envious of my fellow acquaintances who make the time to play -- just as I do with running and wallyball. But I'm not there yet...I have too many commitments and I know, if I start on tennis, it will consume me...because I love it SO MUCH.

So instead, I become similar to football-die-hards and just count the days, minutes, hours, until I can watch Serena Williams play...Rafael Nadal...Roger Federer. And I don't have to see just the big names: nobodies get my attention and I can very easily pick one to root for. More times than not, in the men's division, it's whoever is the most good-looking ;-). Another great reason to watch tennis -- there are a lot of beautiful people who play.

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