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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My New Tattoo: Session 14

Today was a drawing session, although there was some ink work at the end...much to my dismay. I thought I was going to have all drawing at this session.

The "drawing" portion consists of placing previous drawings, on saran warp, over my back and existing tattoo. Kat uses this to analyze what she will draw next and then I'm left alone while she draws the next piece.

Once the next piece is drawn, she places it over my back and again, eyeballs it to make sure it's where it needs to be. She tweaks the drawing and then makes it into a stencil, then places the stencil on me.

This process takes about two hours.

I'm okay waiting because, well, there are a lot of interesting conversations that go on in a tattoo parlor. And good music (and no, it's not alway heavy metal...where do you think I picked up Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from?) and I had a book to read.

And for me, the more time she spends drawing, the less time she spends on inking.

And it's a weird situation: I'm ready for the tattoo to be complete but I also don't want to sit through anymore pain. But, there's no turning back...the only way to move is forward...because the pain is always going to be there.

As far as lasering the old tattoo, well, that's still in the plan but that can wait until she gets most of this particular area done, so that only the part that needs to be lasered will be lasered. And that won't be entirely known until she gets done with this part!

We are close to the end. There is still much work that will happen on my upper left shoulder, but it is pretty darn close.

This time, the drawing consisted of clouds, so this time, it was just a cloud outline. And yes, it was still painful. Each session I think, man, this is more painful than last time. Note to anyone who wants a big tattoo: really, really consider how patient your pain threshold is. I've lost it and all I have left is to endure the inevitable.

But again, if you can believe it, there are sections that feel GOOD. I'm a sick puppy.

At this point of the back area, I do not have to take anything off except my shirt. The bra and pants stay on, although, I have to scoot the drawers down a bit.

Nathan is used to be, or just doesn't give two shits about me, because he just comes in whenever. I hope its because he knows I don't care...since he's the only other man than Tim (in the past 20 years) who has seen me nekkid. But sometimes I think he doesn't even know who I am... But he came in to talk about some artwork he was working on, right while I was standing there, semi-topless. I didn't mind and again, I only hoped it was a good rapport and not 1) i don't know who the hell she is and worse, B) i've seen it all and it ain't much...

Jason, the apprentice, did ask to come in to see and that he didn't want to offend. So everyone in the shop has seen my skin.

And Rachael, who I adore, comes in all the time. That girl rocks.

As I left, I wanted so badly to get a picture of my minivan parked right, directly, in front of the tattoo shop. Just seemed so...illicit.

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