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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Left or Right

Who knew that these two choices - whether we go left or right on our run - would become significant in our afternoon 'hilly, steady run'.

So $Bill had two routes for running today: one was 3.75 miles, the other 4 miles. Insignificant differentials here... But the three (me, $Bill and MT) of us were 'neutral' so when "Frank" appears, we proposed the question "Left or Right?" Since one route was going left, the other route was right, when we reached a T in the road.

"Frank" didn't really make it any easier since he said "left" then said "right" so we went with his first choice.

MT pointed out that we were really taking the "left" choice to heart. Every turn in our route was a "left" Well, there are two points where we go right, but generally, this particular route is counter-clockwise, so left, left, and more lefts.

But at some point at a crosswalk, "right" would become a very important choice. The choice by a driver to look left and right, before making a right turn. This choice was not taken as he 'gothisclose' to pancaking "Frank" to the asphalt.

That's right: look left, no cars, pull out and make a right and BAM! almost hit a runner in the crosswalk.

Luckily for "Frank", he wasn't harmed in the "look right" fiasco. But the look on that driver's face, one of shock and the other of "Oops" and slightly, "sorry" was priceless.

The other priceless moment is when "Frank" hit the car. Well, because he was propelled forward by our running - no anti-lock brakes in those feet of his - he had no choice by hit the car with his arms in order to stop himself from moving forward. But I believe - and since my brain has no DVR, I can't say for sure - he hit it again.

But the oddest thing of all? We kept running! I'm not talking about barely missing the guy by a foot. I mean - he almost hit the guy by a millimeter!! And "Frank" and the rest of us just move on.

I told "Frank" he should go back to that guy and tell him he mucked up his time. That's what I would do...after I stopped crying.

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if I hit his car a second time. I was fuming, and I am a NYer.

    But for the record, I don't remember doing it...