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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Last Lecture

Remember this? Randy Pausch's last lecture that gained warranted media coverage. I watched it and it is truly an amazing, amazing speech. It's hard to believe that a techie guy could have so much depth. :-)

Just in case you want to see it again:

Well, this video circulated in late 2007. Now, I have heard very little about him and wondered, the other day, what was going on with Mr Pausch. I felt that the next time the media would decide to pick up on him is when, tragically, he would die. The media thrives on that...

So I did a little search. It wasn't hard, but I found Pausch's 'blog'-like-updates. I read through them all. And wow, what a roller-coaster. The last one I read, which was the very first one I read, was dated May 2nd and it stated that the "cancer spread". Since it was the first one I read, as I read backwards in time, I found that this is the worst thing that could happen.

It's since been updated but to read the last entry of May 2nd, knowing the worst news was given to him and his family, then checking back for updates on 5/14 and not seeing any, well, it makes you think -- what are they going through as I flip through my stupid facebook games?

It has since been updated with two other posts. But to read this, is pretty sad and amazing. It really puts my life into perspective. Do I need to be given a death sentence to start living life? I mean, I feel pretty happy but, well, what would I do different if I knew I had three-to-six months to live?

Randy Pausch's Update page:

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