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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My day went pretty well, despite the fact that I have a head cold. And with a head cold, the morning is one of the shittiest parts of the day. Nothing but extreme head pain in my sinus cavities.

But my youngest climbed into bed with me...Tim had already been up...and gave me her Happy Mother's Day sentiment. I gave her a big hug and kiss then mentioned that my head hurt and I was going to take some medicine. She asked if I would wait because she wanted to snuggle. :-)

She proceeded to tell me how she LOVES Saturdays and Sundays because we don't have to get up and get ready for school. She said it would be nice if we could do this everyday...and YES, I totally agreed.

Later, CJ gave me her greeting cards. The best thing about her greeting cards are that they are homemade. I really despise store bought cards...very trite. Nothing means the world to me than a homemade card...and even when CJ was much younger, and all she could do was write "I you"...or even chicken-scratch...there was more worth to that than spending $4 on a card.

But today she gave me a slew of cards she had made the past week, including a 'pocketful of kisses' which were pink lips, with pictures of little lips on them.

Tim made me a wonderful egg, cheese, tomato and arugula panini for breakfast. Then my girls gave me my gifts: a new, pink yoga mat and a homemade hat ring, with little green/white checkered hats glued to a cardboard ring.

CJ also helped me with my laundry. And Tim cleared out the dishes, cleaned more, then made dinner.

At the dinner table, I told everyone that what I mentioned above was the best Mother's Day gifts I could ever hope for. And although I loved the yoga mat, everything else was far more special because, well, I can get a yoga mat any day, but everything else, well, it only comes along once in a lifetime.

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