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Monday, May 26, 2008

French Open Musings...Day One

Oh how I love to watch these games...watching men slide across the clay, well, it's rather sexy, IMO. So athletic with a tad bit of 'grace' that sliding can give to one's appearance.

* Serena looks amazing and I so love her confidence with a hint of humbleness. She looked a little rough in the beginning, then she tore up the court and just creamed her opponent, Ashley Harkleroad...who will be appearing, BTW, in a Fall playboy issue. Harkleroad, that is...not Serena. Oh and Serena bought herself an apartment in Paris. Lucky gal.

* Novak Djokovic is hot. Tall, with all of that black head of hair and those light (blue or green) eyes. This is what was so sexy about Nikki Sixx -- black hair, blue eyes. Loved watching him play...he slides really well on the clay. :-) He is apparently having a strong year after beating Nadal in the Australian Open. He'll be fun to watch, but if he plays Federer, I'm afraid I'll have to keep rooting for my man Roger.

* James Blake -- I don't get him. I don't much care for watching him play. I usually catch him when he sucks and only see highlights on the news of anything good that he does. He's so up-and-down. I don't like the way he walks either...

* Sports commentators still suck big time. I am sick of the Henin talk. I am SO glad Henin retired. I could not stand her. And to hear commentators go on and on about how great she is and how they wish she would have played through Wimbledon. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Good riddance.

Next up: Federer and the other Williams sister, Venus. Both favorites of mine too.

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