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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Cary Cafe

This would be the "breakfast nazi" place I've mentioned in a previous post.

I love this place. I credit my friend Erin for turning me on to this place, which was several years ago. Then I have to credit $Bill for choosing this as our place after our long Saturday runs.

This place has some of the best breakfast dishes in town. Cooked-to-order, with piles of delightful food. I am a traditional egg breakfast person, so I tend to stick with the omelets: spinach, mushroom and swiss, or spinach, roasted tomatoes and swiss.

My usual is accompanied by stone-ground grits (these don't come 'instantly'), bacon or fruit (depending on how health-conscious I want to be that day) and a homemade biscuit.

Tim usually opts for the Belgian waffle drenched in fresh berries, that is also accompanied with eggs (any choice).

$Bill goes for the belgian waffle on the lemon pancakes. And a mocha, which again, is created by the breakfast nazi himself...and it is quite delicious. Although not quite the barista you may see at Starbucks, his mochas taste quite good for a much better price.

Why do I call him the breakfast nazi? Because he doesn't tolerate the bullshit from stupid patrons. And as many Saturdays that I've eaten there, there is always a complaint.

Several weeks ago, a woman comes up with her eggs and asks for them to be cooked "with the yolks runny but the whites cooked" (her complaint was that the yolks were not runny). He kind of blows her off and addresses the cooks with what she said and one cook (i think his wife) states, 'she asked for them over-medium' the breakfast nazi shouts to the patron, who is now at her table "You asked for over-medium, that's why they're like that!" To which she debates him that other restaurants cook it the way she described it. Where he does the blow off "Yeah Yeah, okay. We will cook them again."

He's told children to stop crying before.

Today, someone came with a chocolate chip cookie and I have no idea what he said was wrong with it but the b'nazi wasn't hearing a thing...he just took the cookie from the man, ignoring him, threw it in the trash and grabbed another one and gave it to him.

It's funny to watch him because he's just like, whatever! Although, a hint of attitude but as long as you go in, order your food, and sit down and comply, he leaves you alone.

And that is why I love this place...the food, and the breakfast nazi.

Oh, but the unfortunate thing is that it is in Cary...they just don't deserve this place.

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