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Monday, May 12, 2008

Bike to Work Week

I can't believe the promotion of "Bike to Work Week" here in my big little city. And the promotion of it is so misleading. I sense balloons, smiley faces, and candy all around this notion of biking to work.

But it's stupid. Not the idea of biking to work -- no, that would be smart. But we are a stupid city because we don't integrate bikes into our 'world'.

We have no bike lanes. Okay, there are a few but they do not connect to anything relevant.

For instance, the bike land on Edwards Mill get to it, you have to traverse major roads that DO NOT have bike lanes...then suddenly, bike lanes on both sides of the road. And just as suddenly, and generously as they are given, they are abruptly taken back as you approach Wade Avenue. There's even a sign that explicitly states END OF BIKE LANE.

And let's not forget the morons who use the bike lane as a turn lane...recall my post Well, Under These Circumstances.... They still do it. My road rage comes back seeing those buttholes take up the bike lane.

And I DON'T EVEN BIKE TO WORK. The only biking I will do is on the greenway. Or better yet, my vacation in Hilton Head -- where there ARE BIKE PATHS and bikes are a common mode of transportation...and also, a boom for their tourism dollars.

So what the hell is Raleigh, and "biker friendly" Cary thinking? Promoting this crap? It's not safe. There is no easy way for anyone to bike to work unless they live AT work.

In the past month, just here in the area, there was a bicyclist killed near NC State in broad daylight. Another woman was hit and suffered head injuries on May 4th. And according to news reports, there were well over 900 bicycle-car crashes in 2005 in North Carolina alone.

On top of that, the attitudes of non-bikers is just ignorant. They don't know the regulations and retort with "a car wins between a bike and a car". What kind of thinking is that? Well, apparently, NO THINKING is involved because if they had any sense, they would know the rules about sharing the road and if they had any moral bone to their body, they would actually think more about sharing the fucking road.

How do you educate idiots?

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  1. I agree 100%, I don't know if you noticed, but they widened the road between umstead park and trenton and had a golden opportunity to put a bike lane in where many people could use it to bike to the park after taking away the parking at that entrance for the exclusive use of the people who can afford to pay a million for their house, but did not put bike lanes in. Now how stupid is that??