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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beaufort County Gives Humanity a Bad Name

Well, I hate to put all of the county into this, but unless they do something about it, especially in November, they'll have my ire, disdain, disrespect and I won't give them a single penny of my money. And I will make sure to share my ire, disdain, disrespect and ask no one else to give them their penny to anyone who will listen.


Well, Tim so kindly read a story to me from the N&O this morning about "Bob". "Bob" is Hood Richardson, a Beaufort commissioner who will only be referred to "Bob" he has no worth for any name except "Bob".

Bob has decided that he wants Beaufort County to be known as an anti-immigrant place. He has helped remove all signs that were in Spanish and is now planning to remove any type of medical care to immigrants. He is spending money hiring lawyers to decide if he can do this legally and if he can't, well by golly, he'll just have funding cut to programs that help the poor (and illegal immigrants) and then no one will be able to have any medical care.

You can read more about Bob and the stupid seven member fuck-ups here:
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I don't get it...this is the bleeding heart in me? Or is it just being a human being? Why does it come down to dollars and all that stupid stuff when it's about life and liberty?

Where is empathy? Do these people ever think about what these immigrants are leaving? A country full of ill, with no freedom and sticks with a mud floor for a home.

And medical assurances? Forget it.

Immigrants are looking to America, or other places in the world, to escape despair, poverty, illness. There is a hope and a dream. And us mother-fucking assholes, who have lived a pretty decent life, get elected into office and decide that they're pests, leeching off of our programs.

I honestly have no idea why anyone would even _want_ to enter this pompous, obese, dramatic, disobedient society that we call America. We are just the worst of the worse.

We elected a fucked up president and we sit here, this memorial weekend, weeping and memorializing the men and women who die for the stupid war...and in the same breath, hawk down burgers and hot dogs, grateful for a three-day weekend.

I really don't know why anyone would choose this country for liberty. We suck.

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