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Friday, May 30, 2008

At Least There's A Ball

I told Mi-Mi yesterday in the car that tomorrow (Friday) we were doing something really exciting. I could see her face in my rearview mirror - a very curious expression.

I said "We are going to see a baseball game!", to which her face contorted to an almost rolling of the eyes, with the head...roll head and eyes together...very effective at displaying nausea without a vomit motion.

I ignored her dismayed response and continued "We can hang out, eat hot dogs, all kinds of stuff..." when she interrupts and says "You mean in real life?!?" I said "Of course, in real life!" And with this, she was extremely excited about - the nausea disappeared quickly and she said "Oh, I thought you meant on TV!"

She's not overly thrilled with mom turning on the Tennis Channel at every moment she can to see who's playing... Although I am fierce about keeping up with the French Open (and btw, Serena is out :(), I can see where the appeal of Spongebob wins over watching a ball bounce back-and-forth.

So today (Friday morning), I said "What are we doing tonight???!!!" and Mi-Mi excitedly and confidently screams "We're watching FOOTBALL!!"

I smiled and laughed _with_ her and gently correct her with 'no, it's _baseball_'. And she giggles and says "oh."

About 15 minutes later, Tim comes into the room and I look at Mi-Mi and say "Tell Daddy what we are doing tonight!!" to what she replies, again, excitedly and a bit more quizzical, "BASKETBALL!"

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