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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Absolutely No Pets Allowed!

Why on earth would anyone put that in an ad to rent a vacation place out? It is the most rude thing anyone can place in an ad. It's purposely THROWING A NEGATIVE OPINION and implying that YOU ARE AN UNFIT PET OWNER and don't DESERVE TO RENT THEIR AMAZING VACATION VILLA. And quite honestly, those villas sometime look like they did little to make it a 'vacation home'.

Seriously. Does it take an MBA to understand that this is not the type of notation you include for SELLING something?

There are kinder ways to say this. Perhaps something like, "sorry, no pets allowed". You know, just adding that "sorry" makes a world of difference. And dropping "absolutley" and those damn exclamation points.

Yes, I have a pet and Yes, I like to take her with us on vacation. She's part of the family. So when I look for rentals and see the above, I am offended. And by golly, I lost all respect for whoever wrote that up...which may not even be the homeowners, but they fall into my "pieces of shit" category.

And often, we actually go on vacation _without_ our pet. Sometimes it's just not efficient to take our beloved doggie with us. And guess what happens? I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT, AND WILL NOT, rent from the assholes that have no freaking genius bone in their body to write a better "for rent" ad. Nor will they get recommended by me... And will only be spat on by me!!!


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