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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wondergirl 5K

This is the race that happened a year ago and I posted about it under Girls Rule. I participated as a Girls on the Run coach for some great girls and this was the race that I helped train them for, for three months.

This year I participated not as a coach, but as a mom to a GOTR girl (CJ) and I also 'ran' it with Mi-Mi.

This is CJ's second season of being a GOTR participant and she loves it...and I love that she loves it.

For me, however, I had to give up coaching this season. I just can't make the time to do it. Well, I could, but it stresses our already-busy schedules. I miss it, I really do but having CJ do it makes up for it...and that she enjoys the program so much. Hopefully one day I can do it again...

Anyway, race day arrives and we all have to get up early to get to the race by 7:45 AM. The race is in Chapel Hill, so we needed to get out even earlier. We did it and not bad for me, as I had a teeny-tiny headache from my Girls Night Out, the night before.

This race is set up really well. There are many booths and a silent auction with a ton of stuff. Unfortunately for us folks who aren't rich, we are quickly outbid before we even had a chance TO bid... But this is such a great family event to support by cheering on or running it.

CJ chose her dad to be her running buddy for this race. I was her running buddy for the Reindeer Romp, which was in December so I was happy that she was playing fair and had her dad do this one with her. I planned to 'run' it with Mi-Mi, bringing the stroller along for the times that she got tired of running.

My BFF $Bill was going to run it with his 4 year old, Y-Y, who is one of Mi-Mi's BFF. So we met up with each other and after rooting CJ and the other runners on, we headed to the back of the line to await the bullhorn for us to go.

Ha! When we got to the line, no one was there. The race 'officials' decided to just let everyone go so $Bill and I were last. It was actually a really good thing because Y-Y and Mi-Mi were running and they had the cheers from everyone who had (thought they) finished cheering everyone on.

These two girls loved running. I couldn't believe how much they were doing on their own. $Bill and I trotted along, pushing our bulked up strollers (all the 'swag' the girls got before the race started) as we delighted in our daughters antics.

But there was a lot of: 'stop, let me get in the stroller' and five seconds later, 'stop, i want to run'. This was quite a workout for us old folks. :-)

Things were going quite lovely for me and Mi-Mi until Mi-Mi fell out of the stroller. Well, it was the transition from stroller-to-running and the timing of her getting out and me stopping the stroller did not work and she fell pretty hard onto the pavement. I knew this would be bad but what made it worse were the helpful strangers around us who all gasped simultaneously...this just makes her nuttier...

So after getting her back into the stroller and trying to console her, we were back on the road. She never would set foot onto the pavement afterwards -- although she did try once, but wouldn't stand on the leg with the bruised knee.

But Y-Y made up for it by running almost the entire 5K route. And she ran pretty fast. I was just tickled to death and I could hear the volunteers cheer her on then as she passed, I would hear the "Awww...she is so adorable!" comments.

I did a pretty good job of trotting the route with the stroller. I'm pretty anti-stroller when I fact, I prefer not to hold or carry anything because I just feel like it all weighs me down. But pushing a stroller endures more strength than I care to provide, so for me to jog this, extremely hilly 5K course, with a 40 lb. 5 year old, well, I was surprised that 1) I could do it and 2) that I wasn't peeved about it.

I wondered what an odd site $Bill and I must have made. Y-Y is half Chinese and half caucasian; Mi-Mi is 1/4 filipino and the rest caucasian...but these two girls really resemble one another. However, even though they are close in age, they are far enough apart that they can't be here we are, and odd 'family' of similar looking kids, running almost side-by-side with our strollers and our almost twins.

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