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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Support Local

Inspired by the enormous act of customer service that a business could do, especially in this era-of-bush,
I strive to do this and sometimes, can get down right fanatical about it. I try not to push it too much but in my mind, when someone says "I love Applebee's", or insert any other chain restaurant there.

And mind you, I'm a hypocrite because I do go to chains occasionally...maybe more than I care for...but definitely, DEFINITELY NOT APPLEBEE'S.

But I am guilty of sometimes serving the franchise chains but for the most part, I support local in every way that I can. I am going to list some of my regular local choices and if you live in the Raleigh area, or ever visit this area, please support these places too. Service is usually SO MUCH BETTER or at least, unique, at these places and I want to make sure to keep that business healthy and promote them.

Quail Ridge Books & Music - one of the very few remaining locally owned book store. I am pretty sure it is the only one in Raleigh. This place is a happening place. I frequently visit to listen to visiting authors. I didn't blog about it, but Alexandra Sokoloff (see my review of her book The Haunting was there last month -- with wine and cheese -- promoting her new book The Price (which I am finishing up).

There are many other things that go one there: the newsletter contains information about the staff's favorite book picks and even include reader picks. I get a lot of my information about future reads from this newsletter. There are also various book clubs covering every genre and age group you can think of.

I also volunteer as a moderator, of sorts, for a teen writing club. Quail Ridge allows us to use their facilities to meet every other week to review writing projects as well as discuss future writing projects.

It's not a huge place, although it ain't small either. But sized enough to make it feel like a cozy neighborhood book store with friendly staff members. It's large enough to cover all types of genres, but small enough that one wouldn't get lost, like a mega-two-story-book-conglomerate (unless it's a really big library).

The Library - Even despite my bad experience with my branch, the library is THE place for readers. FREE unlimited books, all genres, any book you want, and most of the time, yours until your done. There is great advancement in the government: I can request any book and have it delivered to my local library of choice and it will be waiting for me, with my name, in a reserved area of the library. Then, I can use the self-checkout and check-out my book and be on my way. No searching and really, a very white-glove service, if you ask me. I rarely buy books because of this, but occasionally, I like to add to my collection...where Quail Ridge comes into play.

Dos Taquitos - I have posted previously about how much I love this place. I loved it from the first time I set foot, about 12 years ago when I first moved to Raleigh. I don't know anyone else in my circle of friends and acquaintances who have even set foot in this place...but it's their loss...the place stays packed and they're doing well, so well, they've opened Dos Taquitos Centroin downtown Raleigh. Tim isn't interested in trying that one yet...he's loyal to this one.

New World Coffee House - This was (maybe still is) $Bill's place, when he lived in these here parts but now that he's in the suburbs of Clayton, it's our place. Service is pleasant and the place has wireless...and it's a bit roomy for just a coffee house. But wait, it's not just a coffee house: good sandwiches and soups are served too. But it LOOKS like what a coffee house should be, including showcasing local art...and their White Lightning is the bomb.

I will post more local places I frequent...I'm not even close to being done...

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  1. Thanks a million for the mention! and that great review of THE HARROWING - I'm so glad you got so into the atmosphere of the book.

    I have to say I'm thrilled to find a blog about the best of Raleigh.. It's true, Quail Ridge is a total treasure, as is the library. And I've been dying to check out Dos Taquitos... I have high hopes for real Mexican food (within walking distance!) Maybe tonight...