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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lunch at Cindy's House

This would be the restaurant in downtown Cary.

The first time I went there, a year or two ago, I went with girlfriends. The food was out of this world. I was blown away, to say the least. My friends were kind enough to let me nibble on their selections and each bite, including all of my ordered dish, was foot-stomping good. Truly amazing culinary tastes in these dishes.

*BUT* our server was a douche bag. Not to be confused with the douche bag from work...but this particular douche was just, well, hateful with that "i'm trying to be nice to you" attitude. It was unbelievable how sanctimonious she was to us...literally tossing the menus at us and just very subtly snide in her attitude. It was my first time so I was really dumbfounded by her attitude and thought that maybe I was just over-thinking it.

It was the second visit that made me determine that my feeling about the first encounter was right: the waitress was a douche bag. I had boasted to Tim so much about this place that we went to lunch there, and brought along little Mi-Mi. And coincidentally, we had the same douche bag from my first experience...and she was still being a douche!

The food was still "to-die" for for me...

I returned with another girlfriend and was delighted to enjoy one of their specials of the day, which was an open-faced avocado 'sandwich': one avocado, halved, with a scoop of chicken salad in one and tuna salad in the other, with a slice of cheese then 'grilled'. Wow. It was OUTSTANDING...more so the avocado than the salads (I'm not a big fan of either), but truly an innovative dish (here in Raleigh).

Service was better...not grand but certainly not rude.

So I went back, yet again with another girlfriend (I love girls :-)) and this time, a turn for the worse.

We arrived and the restaurant was pretty empty. We sat down and one of the first thing's my girlfriend noticed was that her fork was, well, a little spotty. She took it well and simply wiped it down rather than mention it to our creepy waiter.

The next thing I noticed was a big, long piece of hair on the table...and it didn't belong to me. I mean, shouldn't they have shook the tablecloth at some point? And maybe, it could have been overlooked if it wasn't for the fact that the utensil was spotty...and then the creepy waiter.

The waiter was nice but he would bend over and look right at us to ask us questions. It was just weird and un-waiter-like behavior...but more creepy, serial killer/rapist-type behavior (I'm assuming, since so far, I haven't met one...but this is who I think would be one)...

So I just couldn't experience the same foot-stomping pleasure I had at my first visit...and with all that RALEIGH has to offer for foods...I just can't see myself returning to Cindy's House...unless, it's my own.

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