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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Every so often, we can hear the jingle of an ice cream truck from our house. I've never seen one, but I can hear it.

CJ has searched and searched for this thing and maybe once, was able to see it but the last few times, it has never come around. The disappointment on her face is heart-breaking.

Heart-breaking because ice cream from the ice cream truck is one of the best things a kid can get. It is delightful and it's almost like an oasis, when you see the ice cream truck coming your way. Hearing it just makes you excited and you can't wait to see it!

So today, when we heard the ice cream truck jingle, I told the girls that they should wait on the corner, which is an active roadway for the neighborhood, to catch the ice cream truck as it came by.

After a few minutes, I could hear my girls screaming "ICE CREAM TRUCK DRIVER! COME HERE!" every 2 seconds. The corner is approximately one house away, so they aren't right in our yard but several yards away. It was funny but it was also like: what in the world are they thinking????

But the sound of the ice cream truck just seemed to waft around us and not sounding as though it were coming closer. So I decided that I would find the damn thing and bring it over. I couldn't stand to think of my girls not having to get ice cream YET AGAIN so I wasn't going to stand for it this time.

I got into the car and headed out, hoping to find it.

I noticed that hearing the ice cream truck is not as easy in the car, driving with the windows down, vs. sitting still at home. But I heard it pretty loud at the cusp of the neighborhood, so I had a pretty good idea where to find it. And I did and found that the ice cream truck man was actually a woman - a very attractive latina who was very nice as I instructed her on how to find my daughters. She promised me to find them.

But when i saw my girls standing at the corner, with big eyes and wonderment on whether I found the truck or not, I gave them the option of having me take them to the ice cream truck or wait for it. They decided they wanted the sure thing and so, I took them back to the ice cream truck where we purchased several ice cream treats to share with the family.

The ice cream truck woman stated she would come back into our neighborhood next time and my girls, well, the THANK YOU MOM I got afterwards was more than I could ever ask for.

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