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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Women's Health Guide to Office Bathroom Etiquette

Women's Health is a great magazine and their website is kick-ass. One of the finer websites utilizing technology to showcase their on-line articles. This is one of the articles I ran across that was just too funny: Office Bathroom Etiquette.

A couple from me, from my perspective:
1) WASH YOUR GODDAMN HANDS. If you don't wash them normally, then shame on you. But at least ACT LIKE YOU GIVE A SHIT when a co-worker is in the john with you. DISGUSTING AND SHAME ON YOU.

2) Clean up the water on the countertop after you wash your GD hands. Really? You're going to leave puddles of water all around the sink once your done? You do this at home?

Bathroom Etiquette

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