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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two Days and Counting

We were fast approaching our first International vacation trip to London, then Amsterdam.

Our plan was to arrive in London on Wednesday, March 26th. I had Wednesday off and had been planning to get my packing done Tuesday evening; even a hair appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning. Our flight was around 4PM, so I had sometime Wednesday to prepare for the 4PM departure.

Monday evening, Tim and I are just giddy with excitement about our trip. We were outlining our plan: laundry, maybe clean up a bit, then start packing slowly-but-surely. After all, we had two days to do all of this.

Tim decided to look up our tickets on the Northwest Airline site. He was explaining how he had attempted to check us in on Sunday and the site said he had one more day before check-in. We thought that was odd since we knew we had two days before check-in.

So time passes...about 45 minutes...when Tim says to me 'we have a problem'. The problem? We were to leave RDU at 4PM on Tuesday, not Wednesday, as we had believed for three full months.

So everything that we had planned to go slow and steady ended up at lightning speed. A scramble to pack – I hadn't even made my list of things to remember to bring!

I came into work Tuesday simply to send a note to immediate friends and co-workers that I was leaving a day earlier than I had thought (duh) and to cancel my hair appointment (after explaining for 5 minutes why I was canceling yet another appointment). But took the day off and rushed home to finish wrapping up everything we needed to finish.

And then...we were off...a day early than we thought. Quite lucky, really. I can't imagine how more stupid we would have felt to show up at the airport a day later.

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