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Friday, March 21, 2008

Take Your Daughter To Work

I did this when I was a young lass. I probably shouldn't mention it -- I grew up being secretive about what my dad did -- but he was, what the military called, a "bomb dumper". In other words: he made bombs.

So you can imagine how interesting it was to take me to work. And this was an event that was highly promoted in DoD (Dept. of Defense) schools, so I wasn't the only daughter going to work with her dad.

It seems very unusual now, but it certainly wasn't then. We were given tours of the bomb dump area: these oddly shaped buildings that housed bombs. Once (there were more than one 'take you daughter to work' times), we were taken into a cave...a cave, I believe, that was created due to war (as in, IN BATTLE), and bats were flying all over the place and the one thing that freaked me out was having a bat "live" in my hair. We were instructed to wear ponytails because bats liked to fly, and stay, in long hair. This may be an urban legend but at the time, I didn't know what the hell was an urban legend and all I knew was an adult was telling me this, so it must be true.

I survived the cave trek and now it is one of my most fondest memories of growing up as a military brat overseas. BTW, my dad was none-too-happy about the tour in the cave, with torches: fire in an old WWII cave, surrounded by explosives...

Anyway, I occasionally read The Onion and when I do, I usually find something really funny...and I did this time. And it's related to my story above:

Army Holds Annual 'Bring Your Daughter To War' Day

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