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Sunday, March 09, 2008

San Diego

This week, I attended a conference in San Diego. I have never set foot in San Diego, so I was pretty excited about going there, having heard so many good things about it. I left Monday, about 3:30 PM, after my original flight (at 12ish) was canceled and I was put on a (2 PM) flight to Chicago, which then was delayed. Other than that, the flight TO San Diego was fine.

I traveled with two co-workers and our first taste of San Diego was the crazy taxi driver. Well, he is like any other taxi driver, you know, the ones who feel like they work for Dominos and want to get you to your destination in 30 minutes or less? I hate the thought that my death will occur in the hands of a taxi man who finds it more important than me to get somewhere fast.

But we made it to the Hyatt Regency Mission Beach Resort...:-)

My room was the bomb. I had a great view of the garden courtyard of this resort. As nice as it was, I do have to point out a few flaws, which I don't think should happen in a resort of this class:

* toilet paper holder was missing; I had to 'roll my own' paper
* no in-room directory
* bottles of Aquafina were missing, with a message that if I used them, I would be charge $4.95 per bottle; I left a message for housekeeping that I did not have water and that I didn't need it, but didn't want to be charged. I was assured that the water would be replaced and that I would not be charged. The water was never replaced and in fact, I was charged when I checked-out (which were removed).
* I had a regular tube TV. Not a biggie, but their site advertises rooms were updated with LCDs. All of my co-workers had LCDs.
* The hotel menu system did not work. I couldn't use any of the features like: buying movies (does it matter what rating they were?), exercise stuff that was advertised on their website, nor check-out abilities.
* When I went to the front desk to ask about the shuttle to shopping, as advertised on their website, I was told that they did not have one. They pointed me to the Nordstrom shopping transportation but it's only free if I bought something from Nordstrom.
* There were no true running maps of the area. I asked about running routes and was given a standard tourist map with the guy pointing out places I could run to. Again, there is an implication that running routes would be provided, as well as a GPS watch. I did not ask for one specifically, but if it's a feature of the hotel, one would assume it would be offered.

Since it wasn't on my dollar, I didn't 'complain' and really, it wasn't that big of a deal. BUT, as a promoter of a good experience, these little things take away from the Hyatt's reputation for providing this great experience. Seriously, 'roll' my own toilet paper? I can do that at home...

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